Machine Learning and AI - A Primer
Instructor: Steve Lindsey– MicroSoft Corporation

Thursday, February 6, 2020
8:30 am - 12:30 pm

From the misconceptions of Hollywood movies to the threatened “Singularity” and “Robot Apocalypse”, there has been hype and misinformation on the real capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence.  Join Steve Lindsey of MicroSoft for an entertaining and informative session on the current trends and future prospects of AI/Machine Learning technology with focus on Microsoft’s Azure ML Studio platform.

Steve Lindsey
MicroSoft Corporation

Steve Lindsy is a Principal Cloud Solutions Architect for Microsoft who specializes in AI & Machine Learning. Before joining Microsoft in 2009 Steve spent almost 18 years at Sun/Oracle in a variety of senior technical and leadership roles primarily focused in the public sector, education, and research.  Steve left IBM in 1992, where he was a senior engineer supporting NASA. Steve began his career at the Florida Institute of Technology in 1984 and at Harris Corporation in 1987.