Single Beam Versus Multi-Beam Sonar Technology
Instructor: Mark Atherton – Mesotech

Thursday, February 6, 2020
8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Acoustics expert and accomplished author Mark Atherton will present the basics of sound propagation underwater through to imaging techniques with various methods of beam forming and data capture.  This presentation focuses on the basics of sonar image generation and interpretation with many real-world image captures through years of fieldwork.  The discussion will drill down into images generated through side scan sonar capture (vehicle-mounted or towed transducers), mechanically-scanning sonar capture (vehicle mounted or tripod) and essentials of multibeam sonar imaging techniques.


Mark Atherton

With a background in commercial explosives and diving, underwater photography and sonar, Atherton worked for and came to manage the Offshore Survey Division of CAN-DIVE Services Ltd., an internationally affiliated, commercial diving company in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The job took him worldwide for 16 years on a diversity of undersea challenges. WWII bomb recovery in Trinidad, deep-water pipeline route surveys, cable-lay operations, locating and recovering aircraft, ships and bodies, and working on underwater television and movie documentaries were all part of the business.
In 1991, Atherton was asked to join Simrad Mesotech Ltd. (now Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.) where he remains involved in all aspects of sonar system development, testing, applications, operations and another passion—teaching operational underwater acoustics.