Back by popular demand,  UI 2019 will feature tutorials Monday February 4, 2019 on the  fundamentals and new technologies underpinning our industry’s operations.  The target audience for these tutorials include new professionals recently entering into the space, purchasing agents and project managers who are tasked with ordering these underlying technologies, and executive management hoping to gain a better understanding of the results achievable by these capabilities.  Also potentially interested in these sessions are development engineers looking for networking opportunities with other complementary technology experts, sales professionals looking to understand their company’s service offerings and those whom are just plain curious on the technological direction of our industry.
We have assembled high-profile subject matter experts within the various fields of expertise that have volunteered to share their deep knowledge base with industry collogues in a small, intimate and informal format in order to establish an easy exchange of information and knowledge.
Who Should Attend?

  • Project Mangers tasked with managing these capabilities
  • New entrants into the industry hoping to gain knowledge of current trends
  • Executives tasked with overseeing these technologies
  • College and technical school students
  • Technicians and field professionals hoping to gain an understanding of field operations
  • News professionals hoping to understand the underlying events facing our world
  • Young entrepreneurs hoping to gain further insight into opportunities for growth
Details of Tutorials
These tutorials will take place on the second floor of The New Orleans Convention Center immediately above the UI’19 Exhibit Hall.  Pre-registration for each tutorial session is required.
Monday February 4th (0830-1230): Morning Tutorials
Monday February 4th (1230-1330): Lunch for both morning and afternoon sessions
Monday February 4th (1330-1730): Afternoon Tutorials
Monday February 4th (1800-2000): Early Bird Reception
$135 per session, including lunch
$195 for two sessions, including lunch (a $75 savings)
The session will feature lecture as well as case studies and hands-on workshops to give the participant a general understanding of the subject matter.  The sessions will vary format depending upon level of physical interaction (diving equipment maintenance more equipment-intensive/software discussion will be less so).
Summary and Conclusion
A participant should come away from these sessions with a general knowledge of the underlying technology so as to be conversant on the subject matter.