This track embraces an expanded focus on the latest in developments with subsea survey & mapping in order to capture existing and emerging activities for exploring, documenting, and working on/under/in the ocean and seafloor. Topics covered are ocean conservation, resource management as well as industry initiatives for science, exploration and client deliverables. Presented within this forum are exciting multi-media presentations designed to stimulate discussion on emerging technologies in unmanned survey techniques including 3-D laser technologies, software, survey and mapping tools along with research efforts and exciting discoveries from exploration projects all around the world.

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Jami Cheramie
Oceaneering Survey Services

Jami is Sr. Manager for Technology and Development with Oceaneering Survey Services in Lafayette, LA, with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Math.

His career started with C&C Technologies 1996 as a developer and then in charge of Systems Development from 2002 until the acquisition of C&C in 2015 by Oceaneering.

Jami has been working with Unmanned and AUV technologies, along with their evolution and growth, starting with development programs in the mid-’90s for the Navy Research Lab and into the commercial line of C-Surveyor AUVs in the 2000s.

To date that work has included the addition of new sensors and the development of techniques to extend the use of AUVs from being the default tool for deepwater geophysical/geohazard surveys into the inspection realm and beyond.