Remotely Operated Vehicles encompass a wide range of tele-operated robotics for industrial usage.  The classification includes swimming, crawling and flying mobile robots that receive telemetry and control either via hard-wired tether or via radio (or optical) frequency communications.  Historically, the ROV Track at Underwater Intervention has focused on swimming tethered robotics for usage in oil & gas as well as scientific and military applications.  Topics covered within the purview of this year’s technical track include all aspects of equipment and application for tele-operated robotics.  From the human machine interface, to power, to deployment methods/equipment, to the sensors, to the end-effector, the latest topics of interest by leading industry experts will be covered in a lively and dynamic forum.

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Doug Hernandez

Industry recognized ROV Expert, recipient of the 2017 MTS ROV Committee Distinguished Achievement Award. I’ve been involved with the design, construction, and operation of tethered and untethered Remotely Operated Vehicles and their subsystems including manipulators and computer control system for more than 39 years. Highlights throughout my career, have included:

  • Conducted special operations throughout the private, commercial and military communities including four treasure hunts.
  • Member of engineering teams that built over 200 robotic manipulators and 100 ROVs
  • Authored papers on ROVs, ROV tooling and ROV interfaces for commercial and military applications.
  • Worked as an independent ROV consultant to the offshore Oil and Gas industry and to various ROV manufactures. 
  • Served on API and ISO ROV Committees. Chaired multiple ROV and subsea related technical sessions.
  • Delivered a ROV Anode Replacement Vehicle system. This specialized ROV was used to clean the bottom of a semi-submersible hull, spot face the pontoon’s anode doubler plate, then friction weld the replacement anodes back onto the original doubler plates. Over 220 anodes were replaced without using additional vessels, divers, or welders.

Today, I continue to work for BP where I am responsible for the safe and efficient ROV activities throughout BP's Global Fleet.