The 2019 Marine Education track will highlight innovative education and training programs that are helping to prepare students of all ages for the marine industry.  From formal degree and certificate programs to entrepreneurial opportunities where students are at the forefront, these programs represent best practices in marine technology education.  Both the faculty and educators who worked with industry leaders to develop these programs as well as the students who benefit from them will be part of UI.  The track will also include student research and engineering projects as well as the creative offerings of informal education programs. Presentations will also include information about the Marine Technology Society’s plethora of student opportunities and programs, from scholarships to summer marine technology camps, all of which help to further engage and support the future generation of marine professionals.

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Jill Zande
MATE Inspiration for Innovation

Jill Zande is the President/Executive Director of MATE Inspiration for Innovation and the Associate Director for the MATE Center.  She administers the MATE ROV Competition and manages the regional competition network.  Jill’s role also includes identifying and pursuing potential funding opportunities, writing proposals, and strategic planning.  She coordinated the development of MATE’s Underwater Robotics:  Science, Design & Fabrication textbook.

Jill is an active member of the Marine Technology Society (MTS). She served on the MTS Board as the Vice President of Education and Research for 6 years. She currently serves as the Underwater Intervention Technical Program Committee Marine Education Track Chair.

Jill has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences from the Louisiana State University.  Prior to the MATE Center, Jill worked as a research associate at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.