The Marine Technology Society committee on Manned Underwater Vehicles brings together professionals interested in the innovations of manned submersibles design, construction and operation and the quest for a variety of marine science and engineering goals. UI2019 will host the 16th Annual MUV Symposium; a three day technical program that invites industry experts from around the world.
The program offers presentations about:
  • Emerging MUV Design and Engineering Innovations
  • Advances in Material Science and Fabrication
  • MUV Operations – Private, Commercial, Research
  • Regulatory Updates

Each presentation has a focus is on manned submersible vehicles and often overlap into other areas of deep water intervention. As is our tradition, the symposium opens with the MUV Industry Overview for 2018-2019 with highlights from specific initiatives/expeditions conducted around the globe. This year, the presentations will feature developments from Deep Ocean, tourism, and commercial vehicle operations; technology presentations on Lithium batteries, underwater acoustic technologies and advances in buoyancy foam; regulatory developments in design, testing and operation of MUVs.

For more than 15 years, MTS MUV has developed a regulatory and classification track that features leading representatives from ABS, DNVGL, US NAVY and US Coast Guard who on a regular basis review regulatory changes and adaptations for emerging technologies. This program is designed to give industry and regulators an opportunity to meet face to face and share best practices. Along with education and presentations, the Annual Symposium hosts a cocktail reception at the Marriott Hotel. This networking opportunity is open to all, offering MUV manufacturers, operators, and pilots a chance to connect, catch up and share stories in a reunion style evening.  Since 2003, the MTS MUV Symposium at Underwater Intervention is the only conference in the world that unites all MUV operators, manufacturers and stakeholders in one place. Mark your calendars, MUV UI 2018, is the place to be in February 2019. 



Will Kohnen
Hydrospace Group