Printable Track Schedule - Innovation & Emergency Technologies 

An increasing number of innovators are challenging existing technologies and infrastructure in the marine industry – an industry known for being traditional and slow to change.  Recent global environmental and economic pressures are opening minds, and consequently opportunities, to move the marine industry to a digital mindset that embraces autonomy, artificial intelligence, and integration as a means for supporting advanced intervention. New concepts and solutions are emerging that promise to drive down costs as they optimize processes and enhance productivity. In these technical sessions, entrepreneurs and innovators will present their technologies, products, and field results addressing well-known or emerging marine challenges. Fresh ideas for new applications of existing technologies as well as discrete and novel innovations will result in a forum of discovery for professionals looking to understand the people and technologies most likely to impact the next 3-5 years of the marine industry.

Printable Track Schedule - Innovation & Emergency Technologies 

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Marybeth Gilliam


Marybeth Gilliam is the Chief Operating Officer of Greensea, the leader in open architecture marine robotic systems. Marybeth is responsible for operations supporting the commercialization of Greensea products and services. She creates and implements Greensea's global business strategy and translates the system’s technical benefits into value propositions for both manufacturing partners and end-users. She has over 25 years of experience including founding, operating, and leading her own marketing and strategic planning company. She has worked with leading Silicon Valley technology companies such as Pandora, SoundHound, Amgen, NEC, and Micron as well as several of George Lucas’s educational and multimedia companies. She has lead Greensea through an explosive period of sales growth and has worked closely with US and international militaries and commercial partners to develop strong strategic relationships in the marine industry.