Justify Your Attendance

You recognize the value of attending Underwater Intervention, but how do you communicate that to management? We encourage you to review the materials in this section to gain a greater understanding of Underwater Intervention and how to communicate the value it can provide when attempting to gain attendance approval from your manager.

(1) Write a letter to management. 

Write a letter/email to your supervisor to validate your reasons for wanting to attend Underwater Intervention 2017.  

Sample Letter

(2) Be money conscious.

In today’s challenging market, it’s important to save money where you can. Plus, the lower your expected expenses are, the higher the chance your trip to Underwater Intervention will be approved by management. Take advantage of early discounts and discounted room rates through UI's room block. 

Sample Expense Report

(3) Attend as many Technical Sessions as you can.

Power up your knowledge by attending topics designed to advance your business and your career. Learn about the latest innovations that will help you and your organization operate more efficiently.

(4) Interact with your industry peers.

Connect face-to-face and network with credentialed experts from every aspect of the Underwater Operations Industry.

Collect business cards and follow up with them within a week of returning to the office.

(5) Create a trip report after Underwater Intervention.

Once your manager sees all the new business contacts you have made, how much you have learned and how it can be applied in your company, they will be more likely to send you to Underwater Intervention again. They may even join you at the next Underwater Intervention! 

(6) Share your knowledge with your coworkers.
Bring your Underwater Intervention materials back to the office to share with your coworkers, including the UI 2017 Show Guide and presentation documents! Offer to do a brief presentation at a future staff meeting to let everyone know what you’ve learned.